Associate Professor of Sociology / Universitair Hoofddocent Sociologie  


Resume / Curriculum Vitae

Surname: Leerkes
Given names: Arjen Steven
Year of birth: 1973
Place of birth: Amsterdam
Marital status: married
Telephone (work): +31 10 4081821


Work Experience

Now-2014 Tenured Associate Professor of Sociology Erasmus University Rotterdam (0.8 fte)

Now-2008 Tenured researcher at the Research and Documentation Center (WODC) of the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice (initially 0.8 fte, now 0.2 fte)

2013-2009 Assistant Professor of Sociology Erasmus University Rotterdam (0.8 fte) (non-tenured)

2007-2003  PhD student at the ASSR. (In the Netherlands, PhD students have limited teaching obligations and are considered employees). Subject: Illegal residence and public safety in the Netherlands.

2005-2002   Junior Researcher Rotterdam Institute for Social Scientific Policy Research (RISBO) at the Erasmus University (EUR).

2002-2001   Junior Researcher ‘Regioplan’ (policy research organization owned by Cap Gemini / Ernst & Young).

2001-2000   Statistical Researcher at the University of Amsterdam.

1999           Social Researcher Amsterdam police.

I am currently responsible for the BA3 course Cohesion 3: Deviance. I also give lectures as part of the Minor on Managing Ethnic Diversity and the Minor 'The Sociological Perspective for Non-Sociologists'. Furthermore, I supervise several Ma and Ba theses.

Administration and management
now-2013 Administrative Secretary of the Examination Committee of the Sociology Department
2013-2009   Coordinator of the first year of the Bachelor program in Sociology, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Now-2008   Project management various national and international research projects, both at the WODC and the Erasmus University

Grants and awards

Research grant by the Rotterdam municipality on public safety in Rotterdam, with Dr. E. Snel (E 25,000)

Research grant by the Ministry of Internal affairs for a study on migration trajectories among migrants from Central and Eastern Europe, with Prof. G. Engbersen (E 45,000)

Research grant by Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen (DJI) for a study on well-being and return decisions among administratively detained irregular immigrants, with Toon Molleman (E 45,000)

Two year research grant by Dienst Migratiebeleid (DMB) for a study on return migration via the International Organisation for Migration (E 100,000)
WODC research grant (E 25,000) for writing a chapter for its ‘Migration Map’, 2010

Prestigious post-doctoral VENI grant (E 208,000) by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO)

Research grant by Politie en Wetenschap for a study on crime among rejected asylum seekers (E 50,000), with prof. G. Engbersen

Research grant by the Amsterdam School for Social Science Research for a PhD project on illegal migration and crime (on the basis of a self-written proposal; E 200,000)

International activities

  • Visiting Fellow, Centre for Criminology, University of Oxford (2012)

  • I presented papers and organised sessions at the following international conferences:

International Crimmigration conference, Leiden, 2014
DEMIG Conference, International Migration Institute, Oxford, 2014
IMISCOE Annual Meeting, Madrid, 2014
Conference on the Rights of Deportees, by invitation of Prof. D. Kanstoom, Boston College, 2014
Law & Society Association, Annual meeting, Boston, 2013
European Society of Criminology, Annual meeting, Bilbao, 2012
Peace Research Institute Oslo (Prio), Conference on Transnationalism and Return Migration, Oslo, 2012
IMISCOE Annual Meeting, Amsterdam, 2012
Avenues for future research on migration, meeting of the European Science Foundation, Oxford, 2011
Law & Society Association, Annual meeting, San Francisco, 2011
Norface migration conference, London, 2011
IMISCOE Annual Meeting, Warsaw, 2011
Social Science and History Association, Annual meeting, Chicago, 2010
European Society of Criminology, Annual meeting, Liege, 2010
American Sociological Association, Annual meeting, Atlanta, 2010
COMPAS Conference on deportation and citizenship, Oxford, 2009
American Society of Criminology, Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, 2009
IMISCOE Annual Meeting, Stockholm, 2009
IMISCOE Conference on citizenship, Edinburgh, 2008
IMISCOE Annual Meeting, Bilbao, 2008
IMISCOE Annual Meeting, Brighton, 2007
IMISCOE Conference on Immigrant Integration, Rome, 2007
METROPOLIS conference on International Migration, Lisbon, 2006
COMPAS , Annual Conference, Theme: Irregular Migration, Oxford, 2005

  • I initiated two international research projects, one with Mark Leach and James Bachmeier, PhD (Penn State University) and one with Monica Varsanyi, PhD (John Jay College and CUNY Graduate Center New York). The results were published in Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Police Quarterly and International Migration Review.
  • Since 2004 I have been a member of IMISCOE, the European Network of Excellence on ‘International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion’ (450 researchers from 29 European institutes).
  • In 2009 I spent two weeks in the US on occasion of the ASC Annual Meeting (see above), where I visited several prominent scholars and institutions in my field, including Prof. D. Massey, Prof. W. Cornelius, Prof. J. Hagan, Prof. R. Martinez, Dr. R. Koslowski, Migration Policy Institute.
  • With Prof. G. Engbersen and Prof. J. Burgers I joined a delegation of the Erasmus University to Shanghai in 2011, where we gave presentations at various universities and research institutes in order to explore possibilities for international cooperation.
  • Reviewer for (selection) Comparative Migration Studies, European Journal of Criminology, European Sociological Review, Policy and Society, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, Journal of Urban Affairs, Migration studies, New Zealand Journal of Research on Europe, Social Science Quarterly, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Economic and Social Research Council, Polish Academy of Sciences.
  • One of the studies I worked on (Van San and Leerkes, 2001) was financed by the Belgian Ministry of Justice and concerned Belgium. The results of the project were presented by the authors in the Belgium Parliament.
  • In 2006 I participated in the Oslo University Summer School ‘Globalization and Social Inequality’ and in 2005 I participated in the international IMISCOE Summer School ‘Theories on International Migration and Social Integration’.
  • I am affiliated to the European Migration Network (an intergovernmental network of organizations in the field of migration management).


Presentations at national conferences

Various sociology and criminology conferences, as well as conferences organised by the Ministry of Security and Justice.

Other professional activities (selection)

- Invited speaker for a symposium on immigration detention, Amnesty Internation, Amsterdam
- Invited speaker for a symposium on the criminalisation of illegal residence, Armenius, Rotterdam
- Invited expert round table discussion at the Dutch Parliament on Family Reunification     
- Presentation to the Dutch Minister for Immigration, Integration and Asylum, Ministry of Domestic Affairs
- Organisation of a conference for policy makers Dienst Migratiebeleid (Migration Policy Service, Ministry of Security and Justice) on return among rejected asylum seekers; presentation of research findings.
- Presentation on ‘detention satisfaction in Dutch Centres for Immigration Detention’, Dutch Service for Justitial Insitutions, Ministry of Justice, The Hague
- Presentation for VENI candidates, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, The Hague
- Presentation at Discovery 08, Nemo, Amsterdam, 2008
- I have promoted dissemination of research findings by cooperating with various local and national television channels (NOVA, RTL4 News, ‘Max en Catherine’, Debat op 2, AT5 News, AT5 ‘Zwart Wit’), newspapers (NRC, De Volkskrant, Trouw, Het Parool, De Telegraaf) and radio stations (Radio 1, Radio 5, radio Rijnmond, radio Noord-Holland).
- Reviewer for the Dutch Journals Migrantenstudies, Sociologie and Tijdschrift voor Criminologie.

Work related courses

2013           Basiskwalificatie Onderwijs (academic teaching certificate)
2012           Management course (‘Leergang Academisch Leiderschap’)
2010           Problem Based Learning
2010           Amos SEM Modelling
2008           Media course for VENI laureates, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)
2006           Summer School on Globalization and Social Inequality, University of Oslo.
2005           Imiscoe Summer School on Migration and Integration, University of Amsterdam.
2004           Figurational Sociology, University of Amsterdam.
2003           Didactic skills, University of Amsterdam (‘Basiscursus Didactische vaardigheden’) .
2003           Urban Marginality in Advanced Industrial Societies, course for PhD students.
2003           Masterclass with Prof. Saskia Sassen, University of Amsterdam.
1993-2007   Several courses (quick reading, mindmapping, time management, touch typing, writing of research proposals, presentation skills, web design).         

Language skills

Dutch (native speaker), English (very good, C1 level with C2 for listening), Spanish (good; several courses in Guatemala, Cuba,  Spain, Amsterdam), German (fair), French (basic).

Computer skills

Microsoft Office (including Access), SPSS, Stata, MLWin, Kwalitan, Dreamweaver.


Music (singing, piano), sports (running, fitness), salsa dancing, literature and poetry, travelling.